Dynamics 365 / CRM Licensing – Start by making it Simple.

Dynamics 365 Licensing – The charts below make it simple.

Miicrosoft’s licensing guide is 52 pages long.  That makes understanding licensing quite difficult and not for the ill of heart.  You need to try and simplify the options and then work with your Partner to determine which option is best for your needs.

Whether you have Volume licensing, are a CSP customer or just other, your Partner should be able to help you out with this.

Let’s try to simply first.  Prices may vary depending on special offers by Microsoft but we are going to start with the generic and work from there.  Remember simplifying is the best way to get started.

There are several different types of licensing and so many different ways to approach what types of license you may need.  There are no longer “CRM Business” or CRM Basic” licensing.    The simple picture below defines how everything is broken up in the lastest licensing models.  Everything now is on subscription bases.


Microsoft has modularized Dynamics 365 / CRM by functionality.   Luckily Accounts and Contacts are available in each module.   If you use more than one module then the Customer Engagement Plan is the most cost effective option available.

(Once again, I would work with your partner to see if you are eligible for any of the promotions or discounts!!)

There is not a One – One plan to move licensing from the old model to the new and no easy way to do a one for one comparison.  The closest thing is the chart below that Microsoft has on page 8 of their D365 licensing guide.


The truth of the matter is that so many of your users can use the $8 Team license if they are data entry or just look at dashboards and views.  Most Upper management do not need full licenses.  Below are several different pictures that help you research whether the Team license is right for your users.

(NOTE: Microsoft is using the honor system, so once you purchase the correct type of license, you need to apply the correct role to enforce these licenses.)

Don’t think you need a full license for every user.   Team licensing will help keep the cost down and should be used whenever possible




I will reiterate that you need to use your Partner to help determine the best option.   The new licensing model needs to be planned out but is not that difficult if you just simplify it by user functionality.    So many people make this licensing more complicated than it has to be.




*** Note: All diagrams are from the MICROSOFT LICENSING GUIDE


The New Guide CAME OUT LAST WEEK.  There is now Marketing and PowerAPPs

[‎4/‎3/‎2018 4:05 PM] David  Gersten:

Click to access Dynamics365LicensingGuide.pdf


OCTOBER 2018 License update

Make sure you check the licesning guide.  BIG CHANGES to TEAM LICENSING


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