Personal Views, Charts and Dashboards (the forgotten process)

Personal Views, Charts and Dashboards

The forgotten process

dashBeing it he business, there are a million process and procedures when an employee leaves a firm.   One of the biggest “gotcha” moments are when their CRM account is disabled and removed, what happens to their personal charts, views and dashboards.

Several times people create personal, views, charts and dashboards to share with their manager or coworkers and suddenly ½ the company are using those views, charts or dashboards.  That employee decides to leave the company and you disable their Dynamic 365 / CRM user account.   All of a sudden you have people upset that the views, charts and dashboards that they have been relying on so heavily are no longer available.

These view, charts and dashboards are easily saved out and can be recreated in the system or by another user to be shared.   So many utilities out there that allow for this function. (XRMTOOLBOX, Export/Import, etc..)

SO please add the following to your check list when an employee separates from a company

  1. Review all D365 settings to see if there are Personal View, Charts or Dashboards.
  2. Have a migration plan to allow these views, charts and Dashboards to be moved or copied.
  3. Don’t disable the account until they are moved or copied.
  4. Have users test before disabling account

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