Dynamics 365 Customer Engagment Certifications – UGH!


Those of you in the space know you need MB2-715 and MB2-716 to achieve your MCSA and one of the electives to get your MSCE.  I chose MB2-717 as Sales is one of the biggest hitters in the D365 space.

I just received my MCSE and passed several of the Dynamic 365 certifications.   I have never been a fan of using Certifications as the basis for people’s knowledge on products.   They have always been a memorization test and when I was in the infrastructure realm, I remember people with their certs for Windows Server did not even knowing what TCP/IP was or what it did.

Fast forward a few years (okay maybe more), I was told the tests now challenge your knowledge of the product and are more scenario based.  Being in the consultant world, I understand that it is one factor for customers to distinguish one firm over the other.  Consulting firms also need their consultants certified to be noticed and classified within the Microsoft ecosystem.

I was at a few conferences this year where everyone is saying the “Microsoft Azure” tests are changing and being updated weekly.  I was very hopeful while preparing for the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement test,  I thought they would be just as vigorous and really tested you on your knowledge of D365!

I used the Microsoft Learning Portal and other MVPs sites to study.  So much great information out there.   There is ONE thing that no one seems to tell you though when preparing for the test.  It was mentioned in passing on some of the blogs and pages, BUT I didn’t realize how bad this problem was.

The elephant in the room is that these D365 Customer Engagement tests have not been updated  in a very long time.  There have been no updates to these test for v9.0 or any release prior.   Basically, you need to remember what features were “not” available when they re-branded from CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365.

Why is this an issue you may ask.  D365 CE V9 brought a ton of new features to D365 CE.  Basically, you have to pick an answer that is no longer true.     If you are like me, once you learn a new feature, you forget that it was not available the whole time.  We don’t try to remember how we used to use dial-up to connect to the internet, so why are we tested on old features for this product.  This makes the test twice as hard as it would normally be if it was an up to date test.


It gets very frustrating and personally, I feel that these tests are still not judging your skill levels but memorization of what used to be.

Microsoft says that Dynamics 365 is on their top 5 products for growth and attention in the coming year.   Until they start giving the certification tests for Dynamics 365 the same attention as the Azure tests, it is hard to believe that they are as committed to having valid certified professionals with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement as they claim!

3 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Customer Engagment Certifications – UGH!

  1. Hi Beth!

    Microsoft redo their examinations roughly every 2-3 years to take into consideration the new features that have been released, instead of updating them every 6 months. It would be very laborious for Microsoft to update so frequently their examination questions.

    With MS Dynamics Certified, I make a note of the new feature to let students know about it but tell them that the “correct” answer for the examination is X.

    Thank you for sharing your certification journey and most importantly, congratulations!


    1. Thank you for your input Vicky. Azure updates their exams much more frequently per Microsoft and the folks who help with the MOC and write the Exams. WIth the fast changing environment of D365, I feel they need to do something similar.


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