Dynamics 365 New Features -All in good time

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Keeping up with Dynamics 365 can be a full-time job.   Every week they are announcing a new feature or change coming soon to an Online Tenant near you.  It used to be Dynamics CRM and whatever feature CRM did not have, you went out and found an ISV that met your needs.   It is not so simple anymore!

There is a lot of good with all these new modules and features, but it can make a user feel lost and overwhelmed.   Consultants feel the change as users are looking toward them for advice and direction.   There is also the feel that consultants need to know more than their peers. Users assume that because you are a D365 consultant, you should know how to work these all the features, know the bugs and workarounds for each individual task.  That can feel like A LOT OF PRESSURE!

Here are a few sound pieces of advice for all those Dynamic 365 consultants out there.

  1. Learn at your own pace!

Lots of consultants using social media (twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to promote the new functionality out there. It doesn’t mean they understand or know the subject.

  1. Don’t always believe the other guy knows more!

You can play with a new feature all day long but until you actually implement it in a real-world scenario, you don’t know the nuances that might come with that said module, feature, etc. The sales piece hasn’t changed much in years and yet I still learn new uses of things ever year.

  1. If you haven’t been in a particular space before, do you really need to go there now?

An example of this might be Field Services.  It isn’t new, just a new module to D365.   There have been other products that integrate with the old CRM/D365 that added FS features but now it is native to D365.  So, if you never delved into it before, don’t make it your top priority to learn it now just because you think you ‘have to stay up with everyone”

  1. You have gotten his far, trust they you will eventually catch up to the product.

You haven’t become a consultant in this field by not being able to learn.   Know that you can learn it all and by the time you get there, there will be a lot of resources, tech article, etc. to help you along the way.  No one wins the prize for being the first to know.

  1. Users are not ready to run with these features.  So there is time!

Customers are still looking at D365 as an application and not a solution.   Their eyes glaze over when you start talking Flow, PowerApps, AI, etc.   They just want their application to work and run.   Having IOT devices to report back to the software right now is only being used by a handful.  Although it will be mainstream in a few years (yes years), right now it is a smaller group using.  Most companies don’t have the capital to change out all their devices as well as buy new systems.

To sum it up, everyone is in a rush to say “They know” the latest and greatest features.   There is no prize for being first!  Know your resources to learn the product and learn them on your own time frame.   You have gotten this far, you will certainly be able to learn the rest along the way!

d365 features


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